<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"%> <% JL3ID = "2" JL3Name = "JL3 Trainer Eval Board" JL3Price = "$179" %> <% ' *** Edit Operations: declare variables Dim MM_editAction Dim MM_abortEdit Dim MM_editQuery Dim MM_editCmd Dim MM_editConnection Dim MM_editTable Dim MM_editRedirectUrl Dim MM_editColumn Dim MM_recordId Dim MM_fieldsStr Dim MM_columnsStr Dim MM_fields Dim MM_columns Dim MM_typeArray Dim MM_formVal Dim MM_delim Dim MM_altVal Dim MM_emptyVal Dim MM_i %> HC08JL3 Deluxe Eval Board
HC08JL3 Trainer Evaluation Board
The HC08JL3 Trainer Evaluation Board is equipped with the Motorola MC68HRC908JL3 processor, a member of the high-performance HC08 family of 8-bit microcontroller units. Features of JL3 include:  
• On-board 9.8MHz crystal, programming voltages & RS232 chip for easy programming of your HC08JL3 microcontroller (JL3 is socketed for easy removal & programming of multiple parts)
• On-board trim potentiometer for evaluating microcontroller A/D
• Floppy disk with schematic, data sheets & operating instructions

• attached solderless breadboard
• 2x40 character LCD display with backlight
• 16-digit keypad header
• On-board power regulation
• 74HC595 8-bit serial-in/parallel-out shift register
• Eight individual LEDs for evaluating port control
• Two 8-bit out shift registers for port expansion &
drive capability

Click here for test program features
Additional features include:
LED indicator lights when power applied.
Push-button switch for microcontroller reset capability.
Removable jumper allowing user to use own 5 volt power supply
On-board voltage regulator providing 1 amp current capability.
All microcontroller pins ported to 28-pin header for easy access --
   header pins are arranged in logical order to facilitate breadboard interfacing
Silkscreen labelling of all HC08JL3 pins for easy identification
Solderless breadboard attached (270 tie points)...just use your jumper
  wires to connect any JL3 pin from the female header to the breadboard
Order now for only USD $179

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